Hermann Hagspiel

Ihr Ansprechpartner für Projekt-Entwicklung und Umsetzung

International project development and implementation

The fairea methodology

The fairea concept shop follows an approach well-tested in a number of large as well as smaller scale projects. It consists of core elements such as:

  • Constant focus on the final aim of a project idea – all means and activities are subordinated to the vision of the project initiators and to the achievement of the respective goals; priorities in work organisation are set accordingly.
  • „fairea“ (derived from „fair area“) stands for fairness in a comprehensive understanding; the approach is based on the conviction that only securing a balance in benefits of all stakeholders can safeguard the long-term success of an endeavour.
  • Bearing this in mind, the assessment of the departing situation is carried out on the broadest basis possible and from very different angles. The multi-disciplinary expertise of Hermann Hagspiel in as different of fields as business management, market research, marketing, ecology and sustainability, quality assurance in the food sector, regional development, international trade and tourism is brought into bearing for this exercise.
  • Additional know-how is available in case needed from specialized research institutions linked closely to fairea concept shop since the set-up of the “gut so!” food quality labelling scheme for tasteful food produced under sustainable and fair conditions.
  • The broad scope of experience of fairea concept shop facilitates a constant comparison with other/similar projects and by this the benchmarking with best practice examples and drawing on lessons learned elsewhere.
  • Special consideration is attributed to the young generation and potential successors in future project ownership, to their creative ideas, their concept of an attractive design of the project – all this with a view to its long-term success.
  • Regular information and periodical collection of feedback from project responsibles are considered self-understood, at least prior to taking critical decisions, major adjustments of the work programme or emerging new aspects relevant to the planning and implementation of the project.
  • Maximum physical presence on-site by the consultant during the implementation phase and upon need the recruitment of local experts/assistance allow fast and efficient communication.
  • Documentation of all activities (log book) and hence full traceability complements the comprehensive verbal and written reporting to the project responsibles.
  • Nevertheless, project work is carried out autonomously and basically self-sustained; the technical support and involvement of the project owner are limited to the minimum necessary for the efficient project realisation.
  • Within the project team a clear-cut division of responsibilities and workload is agreed upon at the beginning of the implementation process; at the same time, the encouraged constant flow of information and exchange of ideas serve the purpose of finding the best possible solutions.
  • The work plan submitted in the inception phase represents a firm commitment towards the client, though during the effective implementation of the project it may be handled in a flexible way – responding also to the availability/feedback of decision-making organs.
  • In line with the mission statement of the fairea concept shop ecological concerns, the sensible use of energy and resources are highly valued by the project team.